Fortune Ceylon Natural Coconut Products Certifications

This part will explain the Fortune ceylon certification we have gone through to ensure a standardized product for our customers.

Standardization is an essential part of the export and import process. As a product that tries to provide the best quality for the users as well as distributors in various countries, the certification under various matters was considered a necessity for the Ceylon Natural coconut oil. We have acquired the Ceylon natural coconut oil certifications under 06 major sections such as EU Organic, USDA Organic, FAIRTRADE, ISO 22000, GMP, and HCCP with the expectation of receiving consumer trust to our products.

EU Organic

The consumer demand has increased towards various matters in the recent times. One of the major impacts occurred in the consumer market is the demand that raised for organic products. The Ceylon natural coconut oil is a 100% organic product that doesn’t contain any of the inorganic or toxic substances in its content. Therefore, the gain of the EU organic was an essential step for our products. But, as a company that is trying to export our products into EU countries, we had to go through specific paths to get the certificate for our product.

We have ensured,

Organic energies and sources

Our products are produced and manufactured using organic energies as well as natural resources during the whole process. It means we are incooeprataing with eth sustainable energies all the times. The change of the natural molecules in the coconut extraction will not occur at any time under any circumstances.  The ionized radiation is among our main focuses and we don’t use it in any of our production steps as well.

We don’t have GMO’s in our fields

The natural imbalance is among the key requirements for having a healthy future for the future generations. Also, it ensures that the consumers are going to enjoy the products that are free from substances added by the harmful organisms. Along with the Ceylon natural coconut oil Certification, we have proven that our production process doesn’t involve any kind of genetically modified Organisms or any animal, plant, or microbe in which the DNA has been altered for increasing the quality.

Increased Biodiversity

The biodiversity is an essential part of nature. The Ceylon natural coconut oil Certification regarding the EU demanded for the biodiversity maintenance and the management for our products. We did not have to prove anything as we have been maitanaiang every chain belongs to nature when manufacturing our products. Our coconut fields, cultivations, and the trees from what we get the raw materials are in good shape as a part of the nature.

Good Agricultural practices

The Ceylon natural coconut oil is the last outcome in a lengthy agricultural practices process. It means, it involves field planting, fertilization, watering and other management practices, harvesting, and extracting the Ceylon natural coconut oil or adding a value to the agriculture products. We have ensured through the Ceylon natural coconut oil Certification that we don’t involve any inorganic steps in the above steps. The EU certificate will prove it for us. We are never applying chemical fertilizers, or herbicides, and pesticides to our fields.

Does Fortune Ceylon Have the EU certification?

Yes. We have gone through the process of obtaining EU certification and we are eligible to export our products to EU countries along with the EU certified logo.

Can organic virgin coconut oil use the EU logo?

Yes. The EU certified logo is given to the companies that have gone through the certification. As a product that is based on natural extractions such as coconut oil, we have the ability to use the EU certified logon on Fortune Ceylon products.

USDA Organic

Among the most developed and improved organizations in the world, The USDA is a crucial one as it researches and adds the latest technology for their products for the sake of the citizens in the country. Not only adding the latest technology, but keeping their eyes on the products that come into the USA is one of their main concerns.

Only a limited number of companies have been able to get the certification under the USDA and sending their products to the USA as well. We had to go through the Ceylon natural coconut oil Certification under this particular organization and prove who we really are.   They have ensured that we are,

Using only allowed substances in the list

In the Ceylon natural coconut oil Certification process, we were informed that only a limited number of substances can be added to the products we manufacture. We have the awareness about the toxics that a consumer may gain and the focus had to be given to avoid the substances that we need to get rid of and add the substances we may add during the production step.

Well-Planned Agricultural practices

We have proven that every management as well as agricultural practice we are going through at the moment are according to the USDA regulations. Also, the soil quality, animal raising practices, pest and weed control, and the application of physical, mechanical, or biological methods will be conducted according to the standards raised by the USDA regulations.

70% Organic substances

The Ceylon natural coconut oil Certification was required only to have a 70%+ for getting approved by the USDA organic certification. But, we proved to them that our products are made of 100% organic substances and every atom in the Fortune coconut oil has an origin from the coconut tree. They are not only organic and consumer-friendly but 100% recommended for any human being on the plant. Our USDA organic approved sticker will show that.

We are not using artificial sweeteners, preservatives, and flavors

One of the main requirements raised by the USDA for value-added products is avoiding the use of artificial substances in the value addition. As a consumer product, a manufacture’s main intention is to go through various strategies to extend its shelf life. Although we have our concerns along with the organic substances, we have ensured that those strategies are according to the USDA regulations and we are not using artificial sweeteners, preservatives, and flavors during any production stage.

ISO 22002

ISO 22000 Logo

The Fortune Ceylon Coconut Oil is a product that can be consumed in any way. Since it is a 100% organic natural oil, you are free either to apply it on your skin for medicinal uses as well as taking it for your cooking needs. However, the main expectation of the consumers through a purchased Ceylon Fortune coconut oil products is to have a product for their consumption with fried food. There has to be a security or an insurance for consuming certain food for the customers. There are certain ways of ensuring the safety of food and the ISO 220002 is the landmark standardization for the food safety. Our Food safety has been approved by ISO, and we are capable of sending its products to any country in the world along with the approved sticker.

We have proven our capabilities with,

Having an overall Food Safety Policy For Fortune Ceylon Company

Our company runs through various policies. When it comes to Ceylon natural coconut oil Certification, we have always been trying to provide the focus towards the quality of our food products which makes us the perfect candidate for obtaining the ISO certification. When proving our food policy. What we had to do was to explain our main policies of the company. Along with the main policies, we have different types of sub-policies in ensuring the quality food the processed food. It has been developed by the top management and taken into the consideration frequently to make the adjustments.

If you are interested in viewing our food policy, we will provide them to you at any time!


As per the requirements of the ISO 22002 certification under Ceylon natural coconut oil Certification, we should have had a documentation process for every single action we take in the processing. We have been keeping the documented information in soft versions as well as hard versions to ensure a well-maintained documentation. The cloud servers are used to store data and information that belong to the company and the increased cybersecurity ensures that the company has the access to the servers at an tem as well. Keeping updated documentation will make things easy for the parties who want to clarify things regarding us.

If you want to see the documentation for the first batch of Fortune Coconut Ceylon and its process, we will provide them too!

A Well-Planned Management System

We have a well-planned management system to ensure that all the processes are going according to a certain time frame and a quality. The management system assists the management to view how things are going and the documentation part allows them to see how things have gone in the recent times as well. The documented history of the management system will help to any individual or management to have a look at the processes. Even a certain change of the management will be taken into the consideration. That was a part of the Ceylon natural coconut oil Certification as well.

If you want to clarify our management system, that will be a possibility too!

Monitoring and testing

We have got several strategies to check the quality of our products. One of them is to make sure the measuring and monitoring systems are always awake. Along with a well-managed monitoring system, we have been employing well-skilled workers in the monitoring to check the quality. We conduct frequent testing within regular intervals to ensure that the products are always following the regulations raised not only by the ISO but others.

If you want to monitor our ongoing process online, the distance will not be a matter at all!

Internal Audits

We are a company that is focusing to have a profit through a transparent producing and selling process. The profit will be shared in equal shares among the employees and the transparency is one of the concerns of the company. Eth profit is not just going one way to the top management but all across the company’s structure.

Therefore, internal audits are considered as a top need of the company as well.  When going along with the Ceylon natural coconut oil Certification regarding the ISO 22002, all we had to do was to show the process are going. Same as the product we sell, our financial strength, financial clarity, add the equal profit distribution have ensured a financial security for the company.

If you are instead in viewing our financial facts as a partner, we are ready to show how strong we are!

HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point)

As a company that is producing and distributing food-based products, the fortune Ceylon is well-aware that there can be food-related hazards. That is why we are conducting tests and take various precautions to avoid the food hazards.  As one of the advanced steps in the Ceylon natural coconut oil Certification, we thought of referring an international standardized procedure to ensure the food safety of the process we are going. We know that there can be food hazards based on the Microbiological hazards, physical hazards, and chemical hazards, and that is why we went to HACCP to show our capabilities in preventing the hazards.

During the Ceylon natural coconut oil Certification for HACCP,

  • A Hazardous Analysis Was Conducted To Make Sure That Every Hazard Is Going To Be In The List
  • Determine Critical Control Points (Ccp’s) Were Identified And Included In A Document
  • Critical Limits Of The Food Hazards Were Listed.
  • Monitoring Procedures Were Established
  • Establish Corrective Actions Were Set Up
  • Verification Procedures Were Formed
  • Establish Record-Keeping And Documentation Procedures Were Established

We have got the HACCP certificate and we include their respective logo on our Fortune Ceylon Organic Virgin Coconut products as well.

Does Fortune Ceylon Virgin Coconut oil have the HACCP certification?

Of course we have. We have the understanding how crucial it is to have a standardization for a food product as our customers as well as distributors from various countries around the world are looking for the HACCP certification.

Can I use the HACCP logo under my products if I purchase a lot from you?

Yes, you can. If you want the HACCP to be added onto your products, we will prove the necessary documents to you.

Is HACCP essential for food manufacturing?

Yes. The organic virgin coconut is a product that can cause food hazards quicker than other foods. Since the end results can be severe, it is essential to see if a particular coconut oil manufacture has got the HACCP standardization for their title.

How long have you been practicing HACCP recommendations?

We have been practicing HACCP recommendation for the company since 2009 since the beginning of our company.

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