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Sri Lankan coconut is known for producing high amounts of milk content and less oil percentage in its nut. Although there are several countries that produce coconut and its value-added products, Sri Lankan Coconut has the highest demand in the global market. Its fragrance, taste, and nutritional aspects are better than other coconut varieties produced in various regions in the world as well. Since the Government Institutes have been producing several varieties that provide better performance in every other aspect, the Sri Lankan coconut has been able to stand still so far. When it comes t the existing varieties, there are endemic verities to Sri Lankan soil that a foreigner doesn’t get the ability to taste outside the country. Along with our  ORGANIC VIRGIN COCONUT OIL products, we are capable of delivering them to you too. Also, we would like to remind you that the king coconut varieties are available for your satisfaction which you cannot taste from other countries.

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