Sri Lankan Wooden Hand Made Masks

Sri Lankan Wooden Hand Made Carved Traditional Eagle, Cobra Mask for  Home Decor

These masks are great for indoor or outdoor use. Excellent addition to any event, party or business decor. This craftsmanship has been passed from generations within the same families and has been a family trade since its introduction.

The Raksha masks are made from a light, soft wood called kadura, which is smoke-dried before the mask is carved and the timber is light and durable.

All masks that are on display and for sale have been patiently hand carved with very detailed designs and painted in vibrant colours which depicts the traditional inheritance.

Symbolism of the Mask

Sri Lankan Masks often tend to look surreal; bulging/huge eyes, wide grins, colorful headdresses and a mix of colors. The authentic masks and masking traditions of Sri Lanka are extraordinary cultural phenomenon and a significant contribution Sri Lanka has made to the Asian cultural spectrum.

The colors of the masks would usually represent the color of the demon of which they believed it looks like. Their masks often had the same shape style; long, narrow and pointy. Facial expressions on the masks are quite bizarre; some would look quite intimidating whilst others look foolish.


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