About Us

Fortune Ceylon is a Sri Lankan brand that focuses on delivering coconut-based products to the global market. We have been facilitating our services for 11 years. As a company that is looking for steady branding, we realized that the coconut is one of our main strengths, and it is a gap that the company is capable of filling. We are specialized in maintaining the standards to show our capacities in identifying the requirements of the global market and provide our best effort to satisfy. 

We are keeping our branding to coconut-based products also, we are not targeting the local market as the product quality and a fair price for higher quality products have been our main. We have got several international certificates under our company title, and EU Organic, GMP, HACCP, and USDA are a few of them.


To become the best coconut-based consumable products exporter in the world. To export healthy and certified coconut-based consumable products to the global market through a set of trustworthy distributors around the world. To increase global employee opportunities to the skilled youth through a continuous exporting process.


To produce a healthy population without fat-based disease and contribute to it as the best coconut-based consumable manufacturer in the world.

Fortune Ceylon