Ceylon Wood Carvings And Souvenirs

At Origins we offer you beautifully hand craved wooden masks made by highly skilled Sri Lankan (Ceylon) craftsmen. Each variety of mask depicts a different diety or spirit and is widely used in Asian culture to bring good luck and ward off evil. Hang our masks in your office, Home, business establishment and success, fame and happiness will be yours. If you don’t belive in spirits then use it as a beautiful decorative object to please your eye and add effect to your environment.

We have dozens of wooden carvings as shown in our product portfolio. All products are in very high quality. We Can supply bulk orders as per your requirement. Standard fumigation certificates will be issued as per requirements of country of the buyer. Packaging, Shipping and even Delivery to your door step could be arranged through our freight forwarding division.

The best wood carving collection in Sri Lanka. We are quality-oriented woodcarving manufacturers and pay exquisite attention to your detail needs. Backed by a team of master craftsmen in various fields. We create some of the best masterpieces. As Sri Lanka‚Äôs best wood carving exporters we take great care to quality check each piece for finishing and packaging before it leaves. The result – a long list of satisfied customers spread all over the world.

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